Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Video Gamers and Vampires March 9th!

Calling all Video Game Vixens and Vampires! Me and my crew of  leatherclad vamps starring...
Corinne Irizarry, Kessie Griffin, Jenna Purdy, Tasha Edwards, Magdalene Bullock and of course, yours truly, will be doing a guest appearance fashion show at Club Pangaea March 9th at 10914 South La Cienega Blvd near LAX. 

This is a public event. Fetish wear encouraged but not mandatory and all expressions of gender welcome. Please be aware this is a LBGT sponsored event. If you have questions about that, look it up. If you can’t handle it, don’t come. This is LA. Here in the Jungle we accept all kinds baby. These people are great performers and my girls are, well…you’ll see! Possibly as vicious as me!

Cover is: $10 before 10:30, $15 after, and as usual, we will have a number of artists and vendors selling their wares, so bring a bit of extra pocket money. 

Stage show will begin around 11:00 pm and ends at 2 am. My vampires will feast through the night with my camera crew (yes we are filming the stage show for a pilot I'm in) and then take the stage to end the evening. We will be doing the catwalk and ending with a "popping" surprise". Luda would be proud. I will be outfitting all the guys and girls of the Pangaea show too so you just never know what you might see. You're little box of a world will never be the same. You can thank me later baby!

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