Sunday, October 22, 2006

American Scary

I gotta say, tonight was a blast. Here's Miles and I arriving at the Arc Light.

Here's me and my girls. I am the Fairy God Mother. (One of my top 5 favorite jobs ever!)

This is John Hudgens and I.

Behind us to my right is Crematoria Mortem and to the left is Curtis Armstrong. I screamed when Neil came on. (Sorry Fablo, couldn't help it) Everything that comes out of that man's mouth is so eloquent. I survived and didn't look like a an idiot on film. So, I'm gonna rest up now and get ready for Monday. Red Carpet day. That means hair, nails, shaving my legs (which happens maybe twice a year) and filing down my fangs. More dark adventures to come.
Malena Scary

Yes, Miles IS scary in real life. Hee hee


vandaluna said...

Oh wow!! Fantastic photos!!
Such gahgeous gurrrls!
And that tongue of your huzbin's!! Whoa!!

Heh, I'm glad I'm not the only one who only shaves the leggies when necessary. Must have clean shaven leggies in slitted, slinky skirts! Although there was a time when I never shaved.


Dave said...

Awesome to learn the movie is out and about. When can the general public expect to see it?