Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Video Gamers and Vampires March 9th!

Calling all Video Game Vixens and Vampires! Me and my crew of  leatherclad vamps starring...
Corinne Irizarry, Kessie Griffin, Jenna Purdy, Tasha Edwards, Magdalene Bullock and of course, yours truly, will be doing a guest appearance fashion show at Club Pangaea March 9th at 10914 South La Cienega Blvd near LAX. 

This is a public event. Fetish wear encouraged but not mandatory and all expressions of gender welcome. Please be aware this is a LBGT sponsored event. If you have questions about that, look it up. If you can’t handle it, don’t come. This is LA. Here in the Jungle we accept all kinds baby. These people are great performers and my girls are, well…you’ll see! Possibly as vicious as me!

Cover is: $10 before 10:30, $15 after, and as usual, we will have a number of artists and vendors selling their wares, so bring a bit of extra pocket money. 

Stage show will begin around 11:00 pm and ends at 2 am. My vampires will feast through the night with my camera crew (yes we are filming the stage show for a pilot I'm in) and then take the stage to end the evening. We will be doing the catwalk and ending with a "popping" surprise". Luda would be proud. I will be outfitting all the guys and girls of the Pangaea show too so you just never know what you might see. You're little box of a world will never be the same. You can thank me later baby!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Oh the Theatre!

Being the Evil Queen in Happily Whatever After has been quite a learning experience for me. The cast taught me so much and our Director Chris Berube has been such a wonderful teacher to me. I feel from every performance I learn how to be a better actress. How to have better timing, how to deliver my lines in a way that will entertain the audience better than the last time I performed.

When people ask me what is the best way to learn how to act, I will now say, "Improv first, then live theater". It teaches you how to dissect a script, how to hit your marks and do it naturally as if those words were your own.

Yes Margie Haber Studios is a wonderful school and I believe everyone should go there if they can afford it. Improv is the first and last skill you should master as an actor, but having a background in theater is something that everyone should have in order to be successful. I highly recommend you see Chris Berube's plays.

I will be the Evil Queen for 7 more weeks and then Im off on another project.
Another great thing about theatre is you can do tv and film by day and perform once a week on stage. Come and see me before I give my crown to someone else!

I'll post the schedule asap. Basically...
For the next three Tuesdays our show will be at 9:30pm. Then the last four Tuesdays it will be at 8pm. I'll post it for you so no worries! (My computer is down so Im posting from my cell)

Your Queen,

Thursday, November 15, 2012

"Happily Whatever After" opening night

Opening night was a blast. I wasn't as freaked out as I would normally be because the day before we performed in front of some kids. Kids are the best judges of a good or bad performance, so by the time Tuesday came around, I was as ready as I could be.

It has been a pleasure outfitting the cast. All my strange fashion finds finally found a purpose! Here are some photos for you. Please remember there was no flash photography allowed.

The Princesses looked right out of Disneyland, but better and the King and I...looked as hateful as we were. Our huntsman/wolf has a fantastic Aussie accent that really adds to the show. Ariel really does look like she came out of the ocean. Our princes are all so handsome you wonder if they are old enough to drink. Oh, and I can't forget Red. She is such a bad ass. And our King acts larger than a wicked scary santa!

Our writer/director Chris Berube has successfully combined all the Grimm's fairy tales into one story that is truly touching. He is a genius and a wonderful kind man to work for.

This wonderful experience runs for 8 WEEKS! Come see what really happened in the REAL, unDisneyified versions of the Classic Grimm Fairy Tales!! Join us for a night of laughter and mayham at The Next Stage Theater at Sunset and La Brea above The Woods Bar (which has a happy hour if you're so inclined!). Seating is limited so please call and reserve your seat! (323) 850-7827 (Say the name of who you're there to see!!)

Tuesday, November 13th - 9:30pm
Tuesday, November 20th - 9:30pm
Tuesday, November 27th - 9:30pm
Tuesday, December 4th - 9:30pm
Tuesday, December 11th - 8:00pm
Tuesday, December 18th - 8:00pm
Tuesday, January 8th - 8:00pm
Tuesday, January 15th- 8:00pm

Of course, I will be wearing different outfits every week so I can get through all my Queen gear. I even have a 10 inch crown coming from the UK. I'm excited. As always I will keep you posted. Love you all to pieces!

Monday, November 05, 2012

Happily Whatever After

I am so excited to announce the production of Happily Whatever After. I am the Evil Queen...imagine that!
Whatever will I wear? Muahahaaaa! I plan on at least 3 costume changes and lots of crowns. I even have ball gowns and princely costumes for the cast. Yes, I want it to look like La Triviata at Teatro alla Scalla! Why not I say! All those costumes are just sitting in my vault anyway. Might as well use them. This script adheres to the original Grimm's Fairy tales which I've learned are quite dark. By a stroke of genius our Director/Writer, Chris Berube has woven in Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and many others into one compact story that is frightening,  hilarious and tear jerking. 

So, here is all the info you need. Email me with any questions!

 The Next Stage Theater 
 1523 North La Brea Ave.2nd Floor
 Los Angeles, CA, 90028

We open the first show this Tuesday November 13th at 9:30. We will not be doing a show on Christmas or New Years, but there will still be a total of 8 shows going into January.
 Call (323) 850-7827 for ticket information or arrive at 9 and pay at the door.
Tickets are $20.

9:30 pm TUESDAY for the first 4 weeks
8:00 pm TUESDAY for the last 4 weeks

I look forward to seeing you all there. I promise you have NEVER seen me like this. I've always wanted to play this role on stage. Love, Malena

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Embrace Yourself!

For years I tried to "wash the goth off me" to fit into a mold of the girl next door for Hollywood. My managers at the time thought I was painting myself into a corner being my big gothy bodacious self. So, reluctantly, I changed my headshot and cut my hair. That was about 4 years ago. It didn't help my career.

A few weeks ago, a very cool, tough casting director A. Renee told me to be myself. She agreed I was too vavavoom to play a girl next door type anyway. What music this was to my ears! I had been needing this advice for a long time. I never minded being typecast as the bad guy, the seductress, the witch, the cop, etc. After all, I do have firearms and MMA experience, wear big jewelry and swear too much. Between that and my figure, I AM the Queen of the Damned...or at least I play the best one ever on TV. I recently auditioned by reading a part where the wife is abused and shoots and kills her husband. I NAILED it. The week before, with Ms. Renee I bombed her cute housewife comedy to hell. I've never been so embarrassed. BUT, she told me what I'd been praying to hear. STICK TO MY TYPE!So even though I ruined my audition, her advice was priceless.  Have you ever noticed in every cartoon and movie, the bad girl/sorceress/queen is almost always dark haired? You'd be surprised how many characters I have been the concept model for. Princess of Mars for John Carter, The Sorceress in the Sorcerer's Apprentice played by Monica Belluci, I even posed for the concept drawings when she played Mary in Mel Gibson's Jesus Movie.

The list goes on, but you get the idea. Notice how much a concept changes from when the artists do it to when it hits the big screen....Sometimes it's a good thing, sometimes it's a shame.

Because of Creative Director, Vikie Collette at and Casting Director A. Renee, I am back on top of my game. I don't mind being dark. It's what I am. God and my parents genes made me look this way, life experience made me tough and a force of nature! How insulting to them to highlight my hair and try to play Jennifer Aniston parts. This casting director said, "In Hollywood, the last one (of their type) standing wins." Well, as I look around, I see there is no one of my type. This happened when they were casting 13 Nights of Fright. They couldn't find a Gothic girl that didn't look "rode hard and put away wet" in real life. Josh Ackerman had just auditioned me for a paranormal show. They called him and I was cast the next day. The director told me they had basically given up because they needed a sexy dark Vampira type, but wanted her to have a sweet face. And there I was. I only regret I didn't stick to my instincts and do what I KNEW was best for me when they washed the goth off me a few years ago. I should have stayed dark! But, timing and training is everything. I have used these last few years to perfect my craft. I am a real actress who is now fearless and doesn't get nervous around a huge crew.

So embrace yourself and never look back! Remember, someone out there is looking for someone EXACTLY like you.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Halloween Hats and Masks SALE!

Halloween season is upon us! I have some great hats and catwoman masks being shown at:

 You can also buy them on my online store. The small top hats are on sale for $25.00 for Halloween. (usually $35.00)

The masks range from $19.99 to $25.00 and are genuine leather with soft felt backing. These masks are leather with hand applied metal rivets or rhinestones.

I have quite a new selection of Halloween accessories at my online store:  It's recently gotten a new look to it so check it out! Many things are on sale and winter items have free shipping. Speaking of FREE SHIPPING, if you pre-order, I won't charge you for shipping JEWELRY! My new jewelry line will be here in 3 weeks from the manufacturer. I've designed the cutest skull jewelry and some wicked things too. Here's a preview...

Oxhorn necklace $25.00

Full hand skeleton bracelet $35.00

Skull ballerina necklace and/or earrings $25.00

Skull studded quilted FAUX leather handbag $28.00

Skull colorful ear cuff $25.00

Huge spider cameo necklace $38.50

 I have many great Halloween events coming up. I look forward to telling you about all them. I'll be sure to take photos for you. Until then, take a look and let me know what you like. I'm always interested in your opinions.  Free SHIPPING on pre-orders!

I love designing clothes and jewelry. When I'm at the Racetrack, I dress like a society girl...but I will always be your Goth Diva in real life!

Love and happy October to you all!

P.S. Many of you have asked why I am not singing right now in the clubs. Here's my PC short answer. (as PC as I get anyway!) And no, I don't wear makeup unless I am working. I need to save my good skin. So don't be surprised to see my naked....face! I think it shows confidence when a woman doesn't need to wear makeup all the time. Beauty is on the inside. Glamour is on the outside, when the occasion calls for it.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Halloween Masks are coming!

I just recieved my leather and faux leather for my masks today. They will be sold at Contempo on 6556 Hollywood blvd and online at this next Friday!

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Singing lessons...etc.

Once in a great while I meet a person who wants to learn to sing. Some kids have amazing natural ability with singing the notes and other kids have a natural ability to perform and entertain people.
When asked if I do private lessons I usually ask the person to sing for me and see what level s/he is at. If I find that I can help them with either singing, dancing, performing arts, acting, etc., I am willing to take them on as a project and give them a lessons.
If you are out there wondering about things you need some help with, you can email me and I will find time to work with you once a week. We will figure out a budget that will suit you. I  am not a singing teacher. I have been taught very well as a dramatic colouratura soprano (and a gothy, glam blues  singer with a sailor mouth).  Oopps. Oh well.. You only live once and i do love to make people laugh. Even if it means i look stupid! Take healthy chances people!
I do enjoy helping young people to succeed in what they want. So if you're 1 of those little souls who needs an extra push, I will make time in my schedule for you. If you're reading this it's because you probably already know me or you have asked me about this. Lessons arent advertised as part of what i do. I do them because i love you all. (Stephanie, Yasmeen, Natalie, Karen, Big B, Lil first fgc in La...Loudes, Claudia, Beth, Kadie and Carly, Tiffy, Courtney, Jackie..)There are a lot of exceptional kids out there who can be Whitney Houston and Katy Perry. Other than on the blog I wouldn't advertise this. But is it it is available to all my fairy god children of los angeles.
As you know I love children and I will help anyone who wants to be successful. I blog on my phone most the time so you'll have to excuse the bad punctuation and capitalization but I just wanted you all to know...I love you! Now you do have a mother out there! Someone who loves and cares about you deeply and will help you in anyway I can. Don't be afraid to ask greatness awaits you! Your Fairy Godmother, Malena

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hat Couture in Del Mar

I had a small telephone issue today. The 818 number will be back up by 3 pm today. For all of you whom I plan to meet and mingle with in Del Mar, here's my information.

I am bagging the custom couture hats right now. Call me on my "DKNY" faux fone to make an appointment to see them. I can bring them to you as well. I have 16 of the best hats. Black, White, Pink, Peach, Black with Pink Dots, Purple...ahh. they are all different and lovely.

I'll put up photos from the event asap. Until then, you can find me here. I've included a phone number (here online..yes super insane! That's how much I love you all!) I'm waiting for a few of you to arrange swarays with; Lisa and my fine OTL and VIP friends that's you!So I hope you find me! Remember, I'm the biggest girl in the biggest hat and I have a phone! Now it's off to the races!

A very tired fashionista

P.S. If I have time, I will totally webcam as much as I can for all you friends out there. XOXO Be back Friday. Then back to Del Mar once a week for Hat Deliveries and Dinner. xoxo

* webmaster's note:
Please do not call Malena unless you are inquiring about the Del Mar events or Hats. She can speak with you about other things on ustream,, youtube...her usual shows and silliness. This is biggest Horse Event of the Year this side of Kentucky! It's as big as COMICON so she will be very busy. Please don't abuse this telephone service that is set up for special customers, friends and fans...only. Thank you. 
S. K.